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what to do when you’re sick

A few days ago I’ve got the flu.
My eyes are hurting while typing this, but anyway. Here are some tips to get you (and myself) through a period of being sick.

1. Cancel your appointments.
If you realize that you don’t have to be anywhere, you can recover at ease. When there’s no pressure to get to your appointment, you’ll have more time to rest.

2. Wear something comfy
Since you won’t be having any appointments soon, wear something comfy: sweatpants, leggings, … When I’m sick, every muscle in my body hurts. That’s why I won’t be wearing jeans or a dress during this period.

3. Eat healthy
Some superfoods I’d like to eat while I’m sick: chicken soup, banana’s (and other fruits), salmon,  yoghurt with fruits, ginger, water with lemons and mint. If you don’t feel like eating anything: eat crackers.

4. Sleep (a lot)
Crawl into your bed and sleep!

5. Watch tv-series, Youtube or your favorite Lifetime movie
Take a blanket, go to your couch/bed and watch some series. They are a great distraction and you don’t have to worry about the real-life world out there.
My favorite movies to watch when I’m sick: Flowers in the attic (Lifetime), Jack of the red heartsWild Child or a great Disney Movie.
My favorite tv-series: 2 Broke girls, The Mindy Project or Jane the Virgin

6. Take a shower
When you are feeling a little bit better: take a shower. When you’ve got the flu, you’ll be sweating a lot so a shower will do you good. Light a candle in your bathroom, choose some of your favorite music and relax.

7. Ask for help
Are you too sick to buy groceries yourself? Call your friends or family and ask for help.

8. Get some fresh air
If your muscles are too soar, open your window and get some fresh air. It’ll do you good.

I’m crawling into my bed right now to rest. Do you have other tips to get through the flu? Share them with me!

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